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Kirk AndersonKirk Anderson
USTA Director of Nationwide Recreational
and Coaches Programs

  • International Tennis Hall of Fame Merit Award
  • Racquet Sports Industry Tennis Person of the Year
  • USPTA Master Professional

“After seeing the Eye Coach in action, there is no doubt that by strengthening the eye at contact the Eye Coach will develop non-players into tennis players very quickly and help all levels improve faster! The best part is that you can use The Eye Coach “at home” in a small space without the need of a court and a cart of balls. Positive repetitions are the keys to faster learning.”

Tim-Bainton WteamTim Bainton
USPTA Elite Professional, PTR 5A Professional (Youngest in Country)

  • Founder and Principal Blue Chip Sports Management
  • Chairman Blue Chip Tennis Foundation
  • USTA High Performance Coach
  • USTA Mid-Atlantic and Virginia Teaching Professional of the Year
  • USPTA Virginia Teaching Professional of the Year
  • Expert in tennis club management and aquisition

“Blue Chip Tennis Academy has adopted the Eye Coach at all locations and has seen firstly tremendous improvement in a complete range of players. It is amazing to see the versatility of the device from on court drills, to up in the lobby whilst waiting for a court or at home. I look forward to continued praise for the product and cannot speak highly enough about Lenny and his team of passionate tennis teachers and educators.”

Jim BaughJim Baugh
The Sporting Life’s “most powerful person in tennis in the past 25 years”

  • President, Jim Baugh Consulting and Sports Industry Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Former President of the TIA and USTA Board Member
  • Sports & Fitness Industry Association Board Member
  • Leader of initiatives to grow sport
  • Tennis Welcome Centers, Cardio Tennis, Get Golf Ready, PHIT America
  • Developed breakthrough successful technologies at Wilson & Prince

“The BJK Eye Coach is the missing first step in tennis. Training the “eye on the ball”, while learning the skills, is revolutionary. This is a true breakthrough in tennis for both players of all levels and for their coaches. After seeing and experiencing it for myself, I feel that we now have a motor learning pathway to rapidly improve tennis performance and to get more people enjoying the benefits of the exercise.”

DougCashDoug Cash
Top 5 International Management Tennis Consultant

  • CEO of CashFlowTennis – Top international Tennis Club Consultant
  • CEO of 24-7 Fitness and Tennis Club
  • Past COO of Tennis Corp. of America (42 Clubs)

“Billie Jean King’s Eye coach not only makes it easier for coaches, it opens a whole new marketing approach for club owners and directors. “Come hit with the pro for 30 minutes and Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach.” After 10 minutes on the eye coach they will feel the difference…beginners to advanced… ages 4 – 84! 50% will sign up on the spot for additional lessons. A cost effective traffic builder for lessons pro shop and membership that is fun, cost effective, active and lasting.”

Ken DeHartKen DeHart

2-Time PTR International Pro of the Year

  • PTR & USPTA Master Professional
  • Top 5 ranked player USPTA and PTR for 15 years
  • Author of multiple Tennis Books and Featured International Speaker
  • Director of Tennis – AVAC (Almaden Valley Athletic Club – CA)

“The Eye Coach is the best training aid on the market today.  A student can train with the pro and then train at home the critical factors of playing – balance through the eyes.  The Eye Coach allows parents and their children to practice the same skill at the same time both on and off the court.  The Eye Coach allows me to have several stations on my teaching court.  Players practice the important skills of when to swing and when to look up independently and then apply those skills to my drills immediately.  The Eye Coach, my portable tennis partner, can go with me to practice courts, my home and even to my tournaments to help me get mentally ready to perform.”


PTR Master of Tennis Performance

  • Director of Tennis-Laurel Country Club
  • USPTA Elite Professional
  • USPTA MS Chapter President
  • USTA Pine Belt Area JTT Coordinator
  • USTA Southern Jr Ranking and Scheduling Subcommittee

“I started to use the Eye Coach in all my lessons with kids and adults of all ages. It is a great tool for teaching how to keep your head still and also helps me tremendously to correct technical issues such as feet positioning and follow through. Besides that, the eye coach provides a great cardio workout. I strongly recommend that each tennis family should have at least one Eye Coach for complementary practice outside the tennis court.”

Feisal HassanFeisal Hassan
USPTA 2011 National Member of the Year

  • 12 Time USPTA Division/State Pro of the Year
  • Co-chairs USPTA National Youth Education Committee
  • USTA Master Professional Certification
  • Co-Chairs USPTA College Curriculum and Testing committees

“Ready position.  Grip.  Backswing.  Point of Contact.  Follow-through.  These are the stroke components that have been drilled into us when taking lessons.  And they are important components of shot making, but, what are the true essentials that lead to a successful tennis stroke?  It is my belief that seeing/watching the ball, moving to the ball, keeping balance when hitting the ball and control of the racquet head are the real fundamentals. The Eye coach is the ideal training and practice aid to help practice these essentials as practice makes permanent!”

Mark WeilMark Weil
USPTA Professional Level 1 Qualification

  • Coach of over 100 National Champions and 50 International Champions
  • Completed USTA’s High Performance Training Program for Competitive Player Development
  • Founder of Weil Tennis Academy

“Coach Lenny Schloss brings passion and strong science to his coaching with Point of Contact (POC) training.  My head coaches and I were all impressed with how quickly the POC training could be absorbed by a player, then executed with precision after a short period of instruction / direction.  Anything that helps young players improve faster is a huge benefit and breakthrough for the sport, allowing our young players to enjoy their tennis faster and compete at a higher level!  Big congratulations to Billie Jean King and Coach Lenny for developing the POC training and the Eye Coach. More importantly, thank you to both of them for generously sharing this wonderful coaching technique with us here at Weil Academy!”

Jeff Richards_editedJeff Richards
USPTA Certified Elite Professional

  • World Team Tennis League Coordinator
  • Won the 2005 Delaine Mast Award for WTT National Leaque Director of the Year
  • 2-Time USPTA District Pro of the Year
  • Tournament Director and Events Coordinator for Top Seed  Tennis Academy at Calabasas Tennis and Swim

“After seeing a presentation of Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach at a USPTA convention, I purchased one for my personal teaching program. After experiencing the benefits of the Eye Coach for my students and seeing the results on video and the improvement of my student’s games, I am convinced of the value of this teaching aid. In fact, the day after Lenny came to Calabasas for our Point of Contact Training, I took the Eye Coach out on the court at summer camp. Without saying anything to the kids, and having it just sitting at the side of the court, one of the kids walked over and said, “what is this thing?” and started hitting on it, in just a few moments he was actually hitting it cleanly at the right timing interval. The other kids watched and then all wanted to try it for themselves. We actually had to stop what we had intended to work on that afternoon and allow the kids to take turns hitting on the Eye Coach.   We then ran the kids through several drills. The coaches present, as well as the kids, all agreed that it had helped them hit the ball better. Just in a few hits for each one of them they had all improved. Imagine what the Eye Coach is going to do when I start using it on a regular basis. Already, we have had several of our Top Seed coaches ask if they can borrow it for their own students. I highly recommend the Eye Coach as a teaching aid for all levels of instruction.”

Garth HeagertyGarth Heagerty
General Manager Baltimore Fitness & Tennis Center

  • USTA National Tennis Facility of the Year
  • USTA Regional Tennis Facility of the Year

“The original “home” of the Eye! Establishing balance at contact and training the eye are the core components that have helped us improve more than 5,000 tennis players of all ages and skills at our Academy.” We now train over 500 students a week on only 6 courts! The Eye Coach gives our staff the winning edge.”

Carolyn Healey
Owner of Tennis Perfections in Queensland, Australia

  • T/A Club Professional
  • NSWLTPA Examiner/Tester for 8 years
  • Coach of Presbyterian Ladies College for 17 years (NSW)

“Over the 35 years I’ve been coaching tennis, I’ve been searching for products that would enhance the lessons I teach. The incredible Eye Coach definitely fits this criteria, enabling me and my pupils to practice all strokes rain, hail or shine.  I could not recommend it more highly.”

JensenBrothersLuke Jensen
French Open Doubles Champion

  • Wins over Andre Agassi, Boris Becker, Stephan Edberg and Pete Sampras
  • ESPN Analyst
  • Head Coach of Syracuse University Tennis

“The eye Coach is the greatest tennis teaching tool in the history of the game.  The eye Coach is revolutionary and it’s the best and easiest way to learn the game of tennis the “correct” way.  If I had the eye Coach as a beginner I would have not had any weaknesses in my tennis game.  The greatest gift that the eye Coach gives the game of tennis is that it trains your eye and develops your instinctual talents to be a better player.  By tapping into your human instincts the eye Coach unleashes unlimited potential as a tennis player. The eye Coach is a game changer in the world of tennis.”

JensenBrothersMurphy Jensen
Coach of Mylan WTT Washington Kastles, 5-Time Champions

  • Mylan WTT coach of longest winning streak in professional sports history
  • Mylan WTT 2011, 2012 and 2013 Coach of the Year
  • World Team tennis coach of Serena and Venus William and Leander Paes
  • French Open Doubles Champion
  • Tennis Director of Sea Island (5-Star Tennis Club) and Murphy Jensen Tennis Academy

“For the first time in WTT history, the Kastles had Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Point of Contact Training System on the bench and was used as a warmup tool for the players getting ready for their sets.  I believe the Eye Coach gave our team a great advantage getting their minds focused and their eyes tuned in on what’s critical to great tennis. That is what resulted in perfect timing come match time.” August 2015

“The Eye Coach is the greatest tennis teaching tool in the history of the game.  The Eye Coach is revolutionary and it’s the best and easiest way to learn the game of tennis the “correct” way.  If I had the Eye Coach as a beginner I would have not had any weaknesses in my tennis game.  The greatest gift that the Eye Coach gives the game of tennis is that it trains your eye and develops your instinctual talents to be a better player.  By tapping into your human instincts the Eye Coach unleashes unlimited potential as a tennis player. The Eye Coach is a game changer in the world of tennis.”

Craig JohnsonCraig Johnson
Tennis Director of prestigious Davis Cup Site

  • Director Newport Beach Tennis Club
  • Owner of famous Grip ‘N Rip Junior Tennis System
  • Former ATP Touring Professional

“Hitting on the Eye Coach is such an effective yet simple way to dramatically improve everyone’s ball striking ability. It’s so important to establish the proper strike zone and then reinforce it with repetition. The Eye Coach does this! Love it and recommend it for anyone at any level”.

Michele KrauseMichele Krause
Cardio Tennis Manager for TIA

  • Impacted over 5000 coaches and 1,000,000 players
  • International coordinator for Cardio Tennis
  • Manager of tennis facilities throughout the country

“Improving in tennis is all about “touches on the ball” combined with movement. The Eye Coach is the only tool out there which can provide a maximum amount of touches on the ball in the shortest period of time in any given environment. And it allows one to move around, simulate tennis footwork, and get the heart rate up!”

Linda LeClaireLinda LeClaire
Mental and Energy Coach for Olympics, Paralympics and Special Olympics

  • Foremost authority on Tennis Confidence
  • Mental coach for Top 10 Men and Women Pro Tour Players
  • Keynote International Speaker on Tennis
  • Coached at all four Grand Slam Tennis Events

“Repetition of positive thoughts coupled with action, is a key component for building mental toughness and healthy minds. Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach builds positive repetitions, thoughts and actions with each stroke. I’ve worked with athletes in tennis for over 30 years. This is a tool I highly recommend!  Automatically, clears the mind of distractions one stroke at a time!  An amazing “mental rehearsal workout” 5-8 minutes a day that really works!”

Joann LeeJoann Lee
Named “Top 25 heroes in the game of tennis” by Tennis Industry Association

  • Merit Award winner for growing tennis
  • 2-Time South Carolina Pro of the Year

“I have been coaching for over 25 years and have found the eye coach is a fun revolutionary way for players to work on timing and balance – two of the biggest keys to player development”

Karen MontavonKaren A Montavon
Cincinnati Director of Tennis for park and recreation – 21 years

  • Programs have included over 50,000 players, 1200 coaches, 78 public tennis facilities
  • Director National Junior Tennis League (Cincinnati) – 24 years
  • USTA Advocacy Days in Washington, D.C. – 19 years
  • Board member – Tennis For Charity, Inc. – 25 years

“The Eye Coach is the best tool I have ever seen that teaches children and adults, beginners and tournament players, the “need to see” the ball.  The thrill of hitting the ball, correctly, so many times in a row is THE reason to utilize the Eye Coach in all levels of tennis players.  If the Eye Coach can re-train a 58 year old female player – imagine what it can do for a 10 year old player!”

Scott NovakScott Novak
Director of the largest public tennis facility in the world

  • Runs 28 tournaments a year contributing $50 million to the Mobile economy
  • 2012 USPTA Alabama Pro of The Year
  • Director of Tennis at the Mobile Tennis Center
  • Coached 8 Sun Belt Conference Championship teams with 7 All Americans

“The Eye Coach has totally changed how we teach tennis at the Mobile Tennis Center.  We have 16 Eye Coaches, use them every day, and all pros have gone through training.  We concentrate on balance and timing, avoiding concern over the side effects of a poor stroke. When you do this, the negative side effects go away.  The Eye Coach allows you to watch top level matches with the perspective of spotting problems in balance, focus, and tracking.  The perfect solution to fix balance issues is to working with an Eye Coach.”

Billy PowerBilly Power
USTA National Quick Start and Recreation Coach Trainer

  • USPTA Tester
  • USTA Community Coordinator- Texarkana
  • Director of Tennis, High School and College Coach
  • 2-time Arkansas Pro of the Year

“Eye Coach gave me the direction I needed to make it easier and faster to train my staff and grow my programs. Over 125% in first 3 years after implementing the Eye Coach, it is now a critical component used in every facet of our program.”

Jeff WilsonJeff Wilson
Certified World Class ATP AND WTA Pro Tour Coach

  • Currently coaches 3 Top 100 Ranked Players in the world
  • Former Coach at Duke and Georgia Tech Universities
  • Former club Director of Tennis and 10 year club owner

“The BJK eye coach has shown me a new way to reach the best players in the world. The usage of this amazing device has led to a major improvement in the physical balance, quality contact and consistent shot production for some of the best players on the WTA. I coach 3 players in the top 100 in the world. Their rankings have improved since their introduction to this technology. They have all made finals of a WTA tour event since using this device! I am excited at the future prospect of enhancing more world class players faster with this addition to my training.”

Kathy WoodsKathy Woods
Past President of United States Professional Tennis Association

  • Only Female President in the history USTPA
  • Oversaw 15,000 coaches nationally
  • Manager and Director, Saint Petersburg Racquet Club

“Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach for Tennis improves footwork grooves strokes and establishes optimal timing with the ball with new players as well as experienced ones equally… and the best thing is it’s fun and good exercise. This really works! Great breakthrough for tennis and coaches.”

Ron WoodsDr. Ron Woods
Former USTA Director of Player Development and Plan for Growth

  • PhD in Sports Pscyhology and Motor Learning
  • USPTA National Coach of the Year
  • USTA Master Professional 

“In more than 40 years of coaching, this is one of the most effective and efficient systems for learning tennis that will accelerate the rate of learning and improvement. The Eye Coach helps players learn to track and time the contact with the ball at the same time they are practicing their stroke technique. The result is rapid learning, a feeling of self-confidence and an eagerness to come back for more.”

Dr. Bryce YoungDr. Bryce Young
USTA Hall of Fame Award for Sports Science Education

  • International Sports Psychologist & Tennis Guest Speaker
  • PhD in Sports Psychology, University of Virginia
  • Mental Coach for top 10 Pro Players, over 200 universities and 300 tennis teams
  • Coached Top 10 world ranked Men’s and Women’s Pro Players

“Our Mental Game Coaching with young tennis players often begins with Focusing and Concentration techniques. Reinforcing and strengthening the eye at contact can both be done anywhere using the Eye Coach! Focus at contact becomes a habit. Player concentration and tennis skill improves together… the Eye Coach really works!”

Grady McKeeGrady McKee
Board of Directors Dallas Professional Tennis Association

  • USPTA P1
  • Treasury Representative Dallas PTA
  • Quickstart and Player Development Coach

“The Eye Coach is the focal point of all our development classes…Junior Academy, Summer Camp, Cardio Tennis, and Private Lessons. The program creates an environment to accelerate all levels of players to technically sound repetition without over coaching. The Eye Coach reinforces the Conscious Competency model of learning with the highest rate of success creating easier training for all coaches with less vocabulary and distractions to the eye. I am a believer and the benefits for your clients will create an atmosphere of competition, not directed at each other, but as a team working together on the PROCESS! It will create a culture of who’s using their eye coach and getting an edge on the competition! Directors…It will change your program and your ability to be in more places at once!

10 mins a day to create a player? Yea, Sign me up please! I have not ever had an eye coach returned in 4 years and participation has increased 300% in Cardio!”

Vanessa PardoVanessa Pardo
ITF/WTA and collegiate player

  • 6 years with the French Federation Training Program
  • Won several National Championships and European Tournaments
  • 4 times Atlantic 10 Conference Champion with Virginia Tech
  • Founder of Le Tennis Academy

“After using Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach with my clients, I saw a change in their behavior bringing more confidence, clarity on how and when to hit the ball and as a result a sense of accomplishment. I truly believe that all players of all levels and all ages can benefit from the Eye Coach on and off the court. The Eye Coach makes practice smarter, not harder!”

Joe DinofferJoe Dinoffer
Worldwide Respected Tennis Industry Leader

  • Master Professional in both the PTR and USPTA
  • Founder and president of Oncourt Offcourt, Ltd.
  • Receiver of USPTA Tennis Industry Excellence Award
  • Awarded 2012 USPTA Texas Pro of the Year

“Among the hundreds of tennis training aids that I have designed and tested in my career, the Eye Coach is one of the most effective in terms of helping players learn three things at once: focus, rhythm skills, and topspin. It is a well-built and durable product that can speed the learning process for beginning through strong recreational players. It is also versatile and portable so it can be used on the court or at home – just be sure you have the room around you to take a full relaxed swings.”

Oscar headshotOscar Weagner
Developer of Modern Tennis Methodology

  • International coach since 1968
  • Former tour player (1963-1967)

“The eye coach is a very helpful tool for every coach. My personal experience with it has been excellent, and I have used it in my instructional videos series. I recommend it not only for coaches but also for players to use it at home to groove their strokes. It’s also very good to learn to rotate the ball with topspin and to track the ball for better timing.”

Acronyms Definitions

USTA United States Tennis Association
USPTA United States Professional Tennis Association
PTR Professional Tennis Registry
TIA Tennis Industry Association

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